About us
We are a project team at the University of Hull. 

The idea for global NATO was developed by Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer in 2015 when the Syrian intervention by Russia nearly sparked a nuclear crisis. Back then, it look as if, if Russia had been integrated in NATO at the time, such a crisis would not have occurred. This led to the further thought that if all states would be integrated in NATO, war could be abolished and nuclear weapons could be abolished.

Dr. Beyer is in the process of publishing a monograph with Peter Lang on this idea titled 'a truly global NATO: military integration to abolish war between states and nuclear weapons'.

Dr. Beyer is joined by Prof. Wayne Rodgers and Dr. Giles A. Hindle and Prof. James Connelly from the University of Hull as well as Prof. Chris Hamer from the Institute of Global Peace and Sustainable Governance.

Together, we are seeking funding for developing the idea of truly global NATO further.